D&D Chult West Marches

Session 2

“Attention Citizens! Battle at jungle fort! The terrible Raptorclaw menace, guilty of numerous raids and killings on the innocent village of Oyengadu, has been utterly defeated by the honorable Shellguard Clan, effective warriors and upstanding denizens of Chult, who have taken up occupancy of the fort. These highly effective goblin warriors are available to complete your most dangerous mercenary contracts. Contact Grum Mudheart for further information. P.S. – Daring adventurers needed for expedition southward into jungle. A message must be delivered – and you can help! Contact Grum Mudheart”


-By Grum Mudheart

Today’s session; again, do feel free to add on if there’s anything I missed c:

About the goblins;
- Raptorclaws (formerly) allied with the Shellguards
- Raptorclaws revere raptors, and treat hunting (and by extension pillaging) as a way of life. They’re dead now.
- Shellguards wear heavy armour, and are essentially goblin mercernaries. They really don’t care for raiding unless it’s their job.

Points of interest:
- To the Northwest, the fort formerly occupied by the two tribes, now under purely Shellguard control.
- To the South, Shellguard stronghold. A letter from the northern Shellguards is to be delivered there; Grum Mudheart is carrying it.
- The Shellguards are willing to work rather than raid; they are not against striking up relationships with the humans of Fort Beluarian, so there’s something to do as well.

-By Zyrk

The humble Vurd suvived and is grubbing for ration packs outside of Fort B

We freed a sssnake clansssman from the goblin fort prison. He is currently at a tavern in Ft B to escort a party to the lumbermill.

(Zyrk may betray the party in order to learn snake-talk)
-By Snake in the Treetops (Tops)


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