North Goblin Fort

The north Goblin fort is currently held by the Shellguard Clan, a mercenary organization seeking better relations with Fort Beluarian.

Previously, the fort was held by both the Shellguard and the Raptorclaw Clan. Their raiding of the village of Oyengadu drew the attention of the Fort Beluarian higher-ups, and soon enough Snake in the Treetops, Zyrk, and Grum Mudheart enlisted Vurd, a docile Raptorclaw goblin, to guide them to the fort.

On their arrival, the group’s non-threatening appearance and Grum’s (relative) fluency in Goblin allowed them to gain an audience with the Raptorclaw shaman.

Unfortunately, the audience did not go well. After not more than a few minutes a melee between the Shellguard and Raptorclaw erupted. The Raptorclaw shaman was among the first to fall, and the rest of his clan soon followed.

The Shellguard were much more reasonable, and agreed to cease their pillaging and release two prisoners – Vurd and a strange human.

North Goblin Fort

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